What To Do And What Not To Do To Charm Asian Girls?

What To Do And What Not To Do To Charm Asian Girls?

Who does not adore Asian women?

These women are very sexy with their golden skin, soft feminine touches and to top that is their jet black hair.

Behind their soft femininity is their tigress aura, showing strength and courage.

And if you want to get these types of ladies, you have to take note of all the dos and don’ts.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Be In The Right Places

You need to go places where there are lots of these ladies if you want to captivate them.

There are already lots of these women in America but if you really want, you might as well go to Japan, Malaysia or even the Philippines.

All you need is to know where.

Hang around at Asian supermarkets, festivals, restaurants and Asian car shows.

You are sure to meet a lovely Asian lady that fits your preference.

2. Never Be Pushy And Misinterpret

These ladies tend to be shy most of the times.

A simple smile is never an indication that they like to sleep with you.

Sensitivity is one major key in dealing with these women.

Know when you are piquing her interest and understand when she is uncomfortable.

She could get frightened if get way too pushy.

3. Do Make Friends With Gatekeepers

Gatekeepers will be your best friends and will introduce you to the world of hot Asian women.

This strategy is one sure way to get these women.

Befriend a less attractive Asian girl who is friends with a lot of beautiful girls.

Get into their circle and then choose the one that suits you.

4. Never Treat Her As If You Own Her

Asian men treat their women with little to no respect.

Many rich Asians buy their women with expensive gifts, jewelry and money.

Show her that you care and are a perfect gentleman instead of following the trend and buying her everything she sees.

Always apply humour and care in handling them.

5. Always Apply Charm

Smiling and telling jokes is another way to win them.

Also is being confident about yourself a sure tactic.

They are enamored with white guys who are strong and manly.

Unlike Asian guys, Western men exude a sense of confidence and a laid-back attitude towards life in general.

You can use these characteristics to make an Asian girl appreciate you.

6. Always Appreciate

Smile and give her a complement she will remember.

Don’t forget to notice her jet black hair.

Try telling her that she might be one actress in their place.

Admire her with your looks.

Most of these women take remarks nicely.

Tell her she is beautiful and she will smile back at you unlike the aggressive attitude of some American girls sometimes.

But even though these suggestions work well, it is also best for you to do your research about their country, tradition, culture etc.

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