Secret Dating Tips For Women

Secret Dating Tips For Women

It is rightly said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

It is so difficult to actually draw a line or predict as to what women need and how men react.

Men generally say it is a herculean task to understand a woman.

And women on her part feel that men are dumb without any emotion or feeling.

Whatever it is women want attention and men want to play safe by not attaching too much to the women folks.

One great weakness of a woman is expectations.

She expects her man to be around her giving all the attention in the world one pointedly.

But when that does not happen, she is all nagging and depressed.

Women want to be an irresistible part of a man’s life.

Their whole life is bent on making a man turn back and look and come behind her.

So what can make a man irresistibly and hopelessly stuck with a woman?

Is there any magic formula?

What is the secret and how can it be achieved?

Men are always curious about a woman if she is distant or is resisting his call.

The more you keep off the more they are attracted as the curious factor in them will drive them crazy.

So it is always good to maintain some form of curiosity in their mind to keep them behind you.

Do not attempt to reveal your whole package within the first few meetings or dates.

Let him know that you are a mystery and that will create a deep interest about you and he will keep coming back to know more and more about you.

Many women go out of the way to project themselves as super good or super sexy.

Men can easily identify such women and they try to keep off.

Be natural and do things just for your sake.

Don’t fake your behavior nor try to be someone you are not.

First respect your self esteem and be proud that you are what you are.

Then this self confidence will reflect on your day to day activities.

Men love woman who are confident and self dependent.

So, the easiest way to corner a man is to just be your own true self.

Simply logic is that men do not want to get committed so easily and thus avoid woman who are very insecure and dependent.

Once they see someone who is self dependent, non committal and self reliant, they just fall head over heals for her.

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