The 4 Habits Of Joy-Filled Marriages – How 15 Minutes A Day Will Help You Stay In Love


Marcus Warner and Chris Coursey have studied relationships (and neuroscience) and discovered 4 habits that keep joy regular and problems small. Some couples do them naturally, but anyone can learn.


The 4 Habits of Joy-Filled Marriages - How 15 Minutes A Day Will Help You Stay In LoveWhen the joy gap gets bigger, problems are more likely to overwhelm you, resentment creeps in, and you start to feel distant and alone in your marriage.

When the joy gap is smaller, you regularly feel connected and happy, problems feel manageable, and your marriage becomes a reliable source of joy.

But how do you ensure that you’re experiencing joy regularly?

That is why each chapter includes 15-minute exercises that boost joy and re-train your brain to make joy your default setting.

You will learn new skills including how to:

– return to joy more quickly after disconnection

– create stronger bonds and elongate times of happiness

– boost your enjoyment of physical and emotional intimacy

Find out what your marriage looks like after a little work and a whole lot of joy.

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