How To Talk To Girls?

How To Talk To Girls

Not all girls are alike.

They will not enjoy talking about the same things.

However, there are some tried and tested conversation strategies which tend to work pretty universally, regardless of a girl’s preferences.

Conversation is key in building attraction, so if you struggle with knowing how to talk to girls effectively.

Here are 3 top tips you might want to consider.

1. Carefully Plan Your First Encounter

If you notice a girl you like, don’t hang about nervously, waiting to make your move.

Plan a way in which you can accidentally pass her but feel compelled to stop and talk to her.

For example, you might be on your way to the bar, but you stop and talk to her perhaps because you think you recognize her.

This is a subtle approach which makes it look like fate has played a part – and women tend to love this.

You make her think that your actions are random.

It taps into a girl’s innate desire for romance.

2. Voice Your Opinions

Women don’t want a yes man, one who agrees with everything a girl says out of fear of being disliked if he dares to contradict.

That type of guy comes across as needy.

As one who can be easily manipulated and women do not want that, they want a challenge!

Moreover, not having an opinion is often interpreted as being concerned solely with sex.

On some level, she tends to believe that your constant agreement is because you’re only interested in getting her.

Giving your opinion does not mean you have to be a jerk.

It simply shows that you are a genuine individual who is not afraid of a challenge.

It exudes that kind of confidence which women will find hypnotic.

Just do not become aggressive and make sure that you steer clear of no-go topics such a politics and religion!

3. Blend In The Right Humor Level

Numerous studies have shown that there is a direct link between humour and sexual attraction.

This is among most powerful assets a guy can use in his conversations with women.

There are many ways to blend in humour and it doesn’t usually involve telling tired jokes.

Most of the time, women are used to guys kissing their butts.

The problem is that women grow tired of the same order to stand out from other guys, you need to use your humour to.

For example, you could steal some of the lines traditionally used by women.

You are trying to take advantage of me or You just want me for my body are sure to make her laugh.

Alternate it with a little bit of playing hard to get, and you soon have her under your spell!

Never underestimate the importance of conversation.

Even the most vile human is able to charm their way to success by being great speakers.

A guy who has a way with words and who knows how to talk to girls will be able to woo them time and time again.

With consistent practice, you can be like those guys too.

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