How To Attract Women?

How To Attract Women?

From all the resources I have read, I have learnt that there are several base characteristics, or traits, in men that attract women.

This article will go through some of these traits, in order to help you learn to use them to increase your success with displaying these certain traits, women will instinctively become attracted to you.

I am not talking about some mild attraction here.

Instead I am talking about real, raw, lasting sexual attraction to you.

So let us get to it!

What are these traits that women find so irresistible?

1. Ambition

Women find this unbelievably attractive and sexy!

Making your goals and passions known and genuinely striving for them will turn her on big time.

For example striving to create your own business and be financially free, or training for a sporting event for charity.

Both these display ambition and purpose will flick the attraction switch on in women immediately.

If you are in a relationship already, DO NOT make your purpose your girlfriend.

For women do not want a man that lives solely to please .

2. Leadership

As a man, women will always look to you to be decisive and to have a plan.

The next time you are setting up a date, or your girlfriend asks So, what do you want to do tonight? in effect she’s asking you to lead her.

Have a clear plan, and lead her, and she will follow, beady eyed with attraction!

<3. Self-Assurance

Believe in the value of yourself.

Do not become a door mat for her to walk all over, because once she has walked all over you, she will walk away!

A word of caution, you do not need to be her slave to be self-assured.

If you share different beliefs and values than your girlfriend, hold onto those values and express them, but do it in a way that will not cause arguments.

4. Modesty

Be self-assured, but when someone does compliment you, do not start bragging.

Instead thank them for the compliment and leave it at .

5. Confidence

Do not confuse confidence with arrogance.

Women will see through arrogance straight away and it will turn them off.

Confidence is what you must genuinely possess and develop.

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