Great Tips To Start Conversations With Women

Great Tips To Start Conversations With Women

Besides greeting hi or hello, how are you, do you know what else to say to women to start a conversation?

Are you being held back from having great relationships or dating because you don’t have a workable plan for breaking the ice?

If you are like most guys, you have probably seen a lot of women that you know you have a chance with.

That is if you could just initiate a conversation without sounding cheesy.

So how do you break the ice without being dismissed by her?

In general, the best techniques involve getting outside of yourself and getting the woman to talk about her interests.

1. Asking For Advice

By far, one of the best things to say to women to start a conversation is to ask for her advice or opinion.

Asking a woman for her advice is a great techniques simply because people – especially women – love to give advice.

In fact, most people will give their advice without being asked for it.

The reason behind this is significance.

People want to feel that they matter and are significant.

When you ask for and listen to their advice, you validate them.

Imagine what effect this would have on a woman.

Rather then use a typical line, which are typically bad anyway, you engage her in conversation while making her feel significant.

2. What Topics To Start Conversations?

There are many topics that you can start any conversation.

The ones which work best are the ones women generally have the most interest in.

You can ask about relationships, fashion or topics that are popular in general culture like music or movies.

Just a friendly warning though, you may get more than you bargain for because women love to talk about things they know.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

The next time you head out, find someone to try this one.

By talking to people who you are not necessarily trying to get together with, you will be able to increase you confidence levels for those times when it counts.

After you have a conversation started, you will need to keep it going and one of the best ways to do this is to get personal.

Although there are a lot of personal topics that could prove to be too private to discuss, you can break in to the personal side of things by paying attention to what she says when you ask her opinion.

Advice is a personal thing.

Although not necessarily about the person giving the advice, is is based on their perception of things and your perceptions are a personal thing.


Advice and perception are a reflection of our inner beliefs.

When you ask a woman for advice, you are digging in to her personal belief system.

Most women, or even men, are not aware of how much information their perceptions of things give to others.

This is great news for you because once you have starting talking to a woman and she is giving her advice, you can take the next step and talk about why she feels how she does about the topic.

By doing this, you are still talking about the original topic but have opened the door to a more personal level of conversation.

Here is an example of how to do this.

Let us say that you have started a conversation by asking a woman’s opinion on latest news most people talked about.

This is a very general topic most women will have an opinion on.

So it is generally a great way to start and provides you plenty of information about what kind of person she really is based on her reaction and views.

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