Amy StewardHi, my name is Amy Stewart.

I am the author and this site owner.

I am also committed to improve people lives better based on my past experience as counsellor.

Based on my observation, I noticed that most of our readers are singles, married couples and those with children who want to improve their relationships and stay together forever.

Understanding their challenges and shortcomings, I intend to equip them with a growth mindset and to improve their relationships as a whole.

I believe strongly that:

1. Everyone deserve love regardless of their different views and values

2. Therefore it is vital to become the best YOU that you can be, in order to become the most attractive version of yourself.

4. Self confidence, give and take are very important in any relationship, and nobody deserves to be a doormat.

5. The more good that you spread in the world, the more comes back to you in multitude.

6. It is important that women AND men, inspire each other to be be the best versions of themselves, and that means supporting them even if their dreams don’t always resonate with yours.