6 Ways To Approach Women

6 Ways To Approach Women

When going to bars, club or any networking events or social functions, do you know how to strike a conversation with women there?

Other than just greeting Hi, how are you, it seems obvious that most men do not really know how to strike a conversation with women.

Even if they do like sharing about themselves and allowing the women to do likewise, they do not know how to proceed further.

The result will always be the same.

The women will say it is great meeting and talking with them before they leave to continue with their routine.

Quite simply, because men are perceived to be the ones approaching her as initiative by society, women tends to be the ones retaining all the power and rights to continue or not continue.

As man, you want the strength to belong to you.

Unfortunately, that is not the way reality works more often than not.

With that said, here are 6 valuable tips to help you other than just smile and greet.

1. Keep Your Conversations Short

Unless the girl wants to know more about you, it will be wise to keep your conversations short.

Just because your friends and event host are interested in your background and occupation, it does not mean that the girl will feel likewise.

2. Be Attentive And Good Listener

There is a saying that God gives us 2 ears to listen and 1 mouth to speak.

Plus given the fact that women tend to talk more than men on issues that mattered, it will be wiser to pay attention and listen before responding accordingly whether you agree or disagree.

3. Take Initiative To Help Her

While saying is easy, doing is entirely different.

If you sense the woman has a problem based on what you hear or even see depending on the situation, do take an initiative to help her whatever way you can.

While I understand not all men processed that extraordinary gift of what I defined as common sense grasp, it means a lot to most women.

Just this alone will get her to determine what kind of person you really are and whether being with you is worth her time.

4. Conclude The Conversation First

Now this may seem rude but do not forget earlier that I mentioned above that you needed the power to belong to you.

When you first approach the individual that you are speaking to, you just gave her all the electrical power.

To have it again, you want to be the a single that ends the conversation first.

You will shock most girls and moreover most girls will consider you as problem.

But by concluding the conversation early, you may trigger the females to want you far more as difficult men fascinate girls.

5. Talk To As Many Women As Possible

When it comes to networking and social events, everyone has the right to approach and start conversations with one another.

Since you do not have a girlfriend nor wife, you have the freedom to talk to as many women as possible.

And from these, you will know more or less what most will think and look for in their ideal men.

As you transfer all around the social gathering, those you talked to previously will be checking you out to see what you are doing.

They will see that you are acquiring a enjoyable time with diverse females.

This may also spark some jealousy among ladies, as they can be very competitive with every single other when it comes to finding a man.

You will not be regarded as a player as most females will want you even far more when they see you talking to an additional lady because girls want a man even much more when he is wanted by numerous other females.

You will arrive off as the effectively acknowledged and socially valuable man well-liked by the girls.

6. Re-Initiate Conversation With The Women You Talked To

If you do sales and marketing, you might have heard this saying Law Of Averages.

It simply means the more people you talked to, the more likely you will get someone to be interested in what you offer.

The same goes for talking with women.

By doing so, you are indirectly marketing yourself as a person rather than your products and services.

But based on your approach, presenting and response, they will know whether you are worth their time.

Though women tend to congregate in groups out of personal and social security visually, they do not think the same.

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