5 Signs Your Wife Wants A Divorce And How To Prevent It

5 Signs Your Wife Wants A Divorce And How To Prevent It

If your marriage is on the rocks and you are worried that your spouse is thinking about asking for a divorce, then this article is for you.

I will explain a few signs to look for that indicate your wife is thinking about divorce, how to stop it and repair your marriage.

So, let us dive into 5 signs to look for.

1. Arguing Over Anything And Everything

It is no secret that an increase in the frequency and intensity of arguments with your partner are a clear indication that all is not well with your marriage.

Please do not panic here just because you and your spouse are fighting a few times a week.

Every married couple will disagree and have conflicts from time to time.

It is perfectly normal and healthy to argue now so as long as they reached an agreement and resolution.

Now what is unusual is when those arguments happened daily from anything and everything.

For example, if your spouse starts criticising you regularly and never reveals exactly why or keep quiet with an upset look.

Such resentments led to arguments and grievances.

Which is the first sign that your marriage is heading downhill.

2. No Longer Willing To Resolve Conflict Or Find Solutions

If your partner no longer cares about argument outcome that is another sign of broken marriage.

Under those circumstances, your partner may withdraw further and feel as though there will never be a way for you both to live in peace.

That is obviously not good and if this continues, sooner or later either you or your spouse may turn to someone else for companionship.

Which makes your marriage even worse.

3. Lack Of Emotional Connection And Withdrawal Of Affection

If your husband becomes distant and stopped showing affection towards you, that can also be a strong indication that they are mentally checking out of the marriage.

Often associated with this is an overall lack of emotional connection and a willingness to discuss feelings or show emotions.

In my experience, this is one of the most obvious signs that a marriage is headed in the wrong direction.

Usually, though, it is more a symptom than a root problem, and resolving the core issues of your marriage can usually help re-build the emotional connection and lead your spouse to begin showing affection again.

4. Rarely Or Never Having Sex

Ex can be symptom of other problems in your marriage.

But it can also be a problem of its own and lead to a marriage crisis, whether caused by fading attraction or low sex drive.

Either way, a sexless marriage is almost always a marriage on the fast track to divorce.

So if your spouse seems uninterested in sex or makes excuses, that is a clear indication of problems.

5. Your Spouse Is Absent More Often Or Seems Pre-Occupied

If your partner is staying out late regularly and showing lesser interest in family and spending time together, that may be an indication that she is not happy with the current home situation.

It may also be that they are preparing mentally for life apart, building their own social lives or even dating others.

Hopefully that will not be the case, and do not prematurely accuse your spouse of this just because they are home less often.

Simply put, if you are spending lesser time with your wife than in the past or if he seems distant and pre-occupied when spending time together, that can be a symptom of your spouse intending to end a marriage.

How Should I Save My Marriage?

First, let me be upfront by saying this.

Just because your partner is exhibiting a couple of the behaviors that I just talked about, it does not actually mean that they definitely going to file for divorce.

It may simply be that these are indicators of trouble ahead in your marriage.

But if you have seen a few of those in your spouse recently and sense that things are not on track with your marriage, then I encourage you to act quickly before things get worse.

Mend The Marriage

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