4 Life Happy Kids

4 Life Happy Kids

4 Life Happy Kids Author Winsome CouttsCreated by certified teacher Winsome Coutts, 4 Life Happy Kids – also known as Go for Your Goals – is a set of downloadable e-books that guide your child through the joyful steps of learning visualization, goal-setting and the law of language.

They comprises of simple language enhanced with beautiful illustrations and worksheets make these books appealing and motivating.

Truth being said, your child may not remember everything he learns in school.

But he will remember the time you helped them get back to their feet and progress in his childhood days.

Now the most pressing question on parents’ mind is will their children do well in life?

This is what this progress is designed for.

4 Life Happy Kids Program

With the info and tips it provides, you will –

1. Help your child uncover and unlock new capabilities and skills they never though they possess,

2. Elevate your child’s self-esteem and feeling of self-worth especially if you are not perfect in that department yourself,

3. Accelerate your child’s learning curve and development into achieving greater things that adults like us take years to do so,

4. Provide your child a real sense of goals and setting to achieve them,

5. Demonstrate your child how they can fulfil their aspirations by turning their dreams into reality.

6. Give you child a feeling of self sufficiency and happiness that comes with it,

7. Experience the joy of seeing him or her expand and triumph with each new victory

All these in the form of e-books, audio and video series.

Other than those, you will also be getting bonuses in the form of worksheets, puzzles, board games and more!

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